What we can do

Don't let concerns and challenges keep you from taking a great idea to market, or cause your not to be able to compete with variety or price points. CandyDistributors.com offers services to create unique packs on your behalf, so that you don’t have to worry about those issues. We've helped clients produce thousands of high quality products out of our Manufacturing Facility. Whether it’s seasonal, variety assortments, or something unique, our experienced management team has helped clients to produce their own packs and bundles.

No Official Minimuns

Some Co-Packers can require as many as 5,000 units in a minimum run. This can stress cash flows, making it expensive to hold large amounts of inventory for an extended period of time. Even worse hampers the ability to iterate packs and learn.

At CandyDistributors.com, we don't have official minimums. Instead, we base our productions on the value of working with our partners to find that next home run item.